Electric Divisions

Maintenance of overhead and underground electric transmission lines, substations, poles, and transformers.

Mechanic's Shop
Maintenance and upkeep of city fleet vehicles, including routine maintenance, body work, and custom fabrication.


Operation and maintenance of electric plant generators for electric power generation, and metal fabrication.

Tree Trimming
Utility line clearing, dangerous tree removal and tree trimming.  

About the Electric Department

The City of Augusta's electric system was established in 1913.  Power plant I was built in 1929 and expanded through the years with the addition of generators in 1939, 1949, 1951, 1956, and 1964 for a total capacity of 9,731 kilowatts.  In 1968, the City built a new plant and installed two new 4,000 kilowatt generators.  In 1981, the City added a new 6,000 kilowatt generator.  In 2004, a 6,620 kilowatt generator was added, giving the City a combined total of 30,351 kilowatts of generation capacity.

The city is interconnected with the transmission power grid by a 69,000 volt line, stepping it down to a distribution voltage of 12,470 volts.  The capacity of the city's interconnecting transmission tie is 28,000 kilowatts.  The electric department services 510 commercial and nearly 3,800 residential customers.