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Project Background

The desire for a skatepark in Augusta goes back several decades.  The most recent ask for a skatepark came in 2015 when the Park Advisory Board met with skatepark enthusiasts requesting that a new facility be constructed.  In 2018, the City Council earmarked $75,000 from the Pride & Progress Sales Tax initiative to be utilized for the design and construction of a skate park in Augusta.  On February 18, 2020 the City Council approved a design-build agreement with Spohn Ranch, Inc. to develop a new facility in Augusta.  Just prior to the first public engagement meeting in March 2020, the project was put on hold in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  As of 2021, the City of Augusta and Spohn Ranch are now actively engaged in moving the project closer to construction.

Follow the City's Skatepark Project Facebook page to keep up with project updates and opportunities for community engagement.

The City also has an email list that we will use to send skatepark project updates, news, and opportunities. If you would like to be included in that list, please send an email to Susie Geiger at

Update: Preliminary Design Concepts Completed 

The City's consultant at Spohn Ranch Inc. has completed two preliminary design options for the skatepark project, which the Park Advisory Board will review at their meeting on Wednesday, August 11 at 6 PM.  These designs will be presented to the community at an upcoming community engagement to be scheduled soon. Get more information and see all the renderings here.

Augusta-KS Render 1.1Augusta-KS Render 2.1

Skatepark Project Location Approved

On April 19, 2021, the City Council voted to approve the Park Advisory Board's recommendation to set the location of the skatepark at Bill Reed Park/Moyle Field near the State Street and Sunflower intersection.  The Park Advisory Board's unanimous recommendation was based on feedback from the community location survey, site analysis performed by Spohn Ranch, and discussion about the challenges and opportunities presented by each site option.

The next phase of the project will be the creation of a project blueprint and design.  The City will organize community engagement opportunities as part of this phase, so residents and potential park users should be on the lookout for opportunities to share their ideas and feedback.  The final size and look of the park will also depend on the total funding available. The City has allocated $75,000 to the project already but is looking to potentially double that budget through grants and fundraising.

If you are interested in helping the City scale up the project, please be on the lookout for opportunities to contribute to the City's grant applications. The City will be looking for individuals and organizations to write letters of support and testimonials and help craft a compelling narrative for the project based on history, community, and need. The City will communicate information about these opportunities through the above mentioned Facebook Page and email list.

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How much money is allocated for the skatepark project?

Where will the skatepark be located?

How were potential sites selected?

How can I financially support the project?


Site Analysis


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Check out the results of our the community survey.