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Public Service Recognition Week: Public Utilities

The first week of May is Public Service Recognition Week. Throughout the week, we will be showcasing the great work of our employees to the community, department by department.

Today we will be highlighting Public Utilities Department, which is composed of the Electric, Wastewater, and Water Utilities.  The Department is overseen by Director of Public Utilities Tim Johnson.


The Electric Division operates the City’s Power Plant and electric distribution system (overhead and underground power lines, poles, and transformers).  Electric employees also perform maintenance and upkeep on City vehicles in the mechanic shop, trim trees around town to protect power lines, and frequently assist with miscellaneous projects for the City (such as painting the Little Library at Dalton Memorial Playground).

Learn more about the Electric Division.

Wastewater Lab

Our Wastewater Division monitors and maintains our wastewater system which consists of an underground sanitary sewer, manholes, and lift stations. The system transports wastewater from your sinks, toilets, and plumbing to the treatment plant, which exports clean treated water into the Whitewater River.  Wastewater employees make repairs and upgrades to the Wastewater Treatment Plant and address backups and blockages that occur in the City’s main sewer line.

Learn more about the Wastewater Division.

Ewalt Pump Station Pump Repair

The Water Division ensures that the City has an adequate supply of clean water and that can be safely and efficiently transported to homes and businesses in Augusta. Water employees ensure the proper treatment of water drawn out of El Dorado Lake, Augusta City Lake, and Santa Fe Lake and perform repairs and maintenance on City water lines and water towers.

Learn more about the Water Division.

Wash Rack 4

“What motivates me while at work is being able to provide for my growing family, the ability to be creative, whether that be a creative solution to a problem or as part of the design process, as well as being able to always learn something new. I believe we are able to impact our community by providing as reliable of service as possible and by fabricating various things for other departments.” – Marc Cain, Power Plant

If you know someone who works for the Public Utilities Department, let them know you appreciate what they do this week! We will post a link to this article on Facebook - we encourage you to show your appreciation in the comments of that post.