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City Sending Out CDBG Income Surveys to Augusta Households

Within the next week, the City of Augusta will mail out a survey to every household in Augusta. The completely confidential survey will ask a few brief questions about income and demographics. By promptly filling out and returning this survey, you will help the City of Augusta pursue important service and infrastructure improvements while minimizing the impact to the taxpayers of Augusta.

The results of this income survey will determine whether the City of Augusta is eligible to apply for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding for two key future projects. The program requires a certain percentage of a community’s households fall in the Low to Moderate Income category.

Firstly, the City has identified the CDBG grant program has a strong potential source of funding to replace a 40-year-old fire engine in its fleet. Fire engines are very costly pieces of equipment, so the City is looking for outside funding sources to minimize the need for local property tax dollars. Having such an old vehicle in the fire protection fleet creates safety risks as well as difficulties in finding replacement parts for vehicle maintenance. Purchasing a new engine would also allow the Fire Division to benefit from technology upgrades that have become standard in recent years.

The City is also planning on applying for the CDBG Grant Program in a future year to finance a sewer lining project for Sewer Basin C (the area south of Kelly and east of State Street). The City has previously received CDBG funding for a similar project in Sewer Basin A.  The sewer lining project will improve the performance of the City’s sanitary sewer system, preventing blockages and backups from occurring in the future.

The City is working with Ranson Financial Group L.L.C. to conduct and tabulate the surveys. The survey will come with a letter containing background information about the survey and instructions for how to complete and return it.  Surveys will need to be returned to the City Utility Office at 113 E 6th Avenue by April 30, 2021.

If you have any questions or concerns about this survey, please contact Rose Mary Saunders of Ranson Financial at 316-264-3400.  If she cannot answer your question, contact the Augusta City Manager’s Office at 316-775-4510.