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Butler County Cleanup Set for April 17-24

Please see the notice from Butler County below for full details on the 2021 County Cleanup event.  You can also find more information about the landfill on Butler County's website.


Butler County is committed to keeping our environment clean and healthy. To that end, we are pleased  to  offer our countywide  cleanup  program. This  program  is  designed  to  be effective, accessible and equitable for all citizens of Butler County.

  • Butler  County  is  designating  the  dates  Saturday,  April  17th  to  Saturday,  April  24th, 2021  for  a  countywide  cleanup  event  available  to  all  residents  of  Butler  County. Disposal fees will be reduced for eligible items during the cleanup event.
  • Eligible cleanup wastes are those items not considered to be normal residential household waste.  Examples of eligible items would include items such as furniture, appliances and bicycles,  small  quantity  of  building  materials,  small  equipment,  retired  toys  and  yard trimmings.  Metal goods and yard trimmings can be recycled and so should be separated and unloaded in the appropriate areas.  No Business Waste, Commercial Waste, Hazardous Waste or Liquid Waste will be accepted.
  • All  acceptable  waste  that  is  not  considered  cleanup  waste  will  be  subject to  current landfill fees.  Regular waste must be separated from cleanup waste. Mixed loads will be charged regular landfill fees.
  • Cleanup events are open only to residents of Butler County.  Participants are required to abide by all rules and prohibitions posted at the Landfill.  Recycle bins will be available as always.
The following will be charged for eligible cleanup waste delivered to the Butler  County Sanitary Landfill during a scheduled cleanup event.

Brush, limbs, yard waste                                                                    FREE
White goods without refrigeration units (stove, washer)            FREE
Refrigerators, freezer, air conditioners                                           $5.00 each
Tires (passenger and light truck) (no rims) (limit 5)                    $0.50 each
All other cleanup waste ($0.50 per load)                                        $2.00 per ton

Butler County Landfill                                                           * Monday thru Friday
2963 SW 40th                                                                             7:30 am to 5:00 pm
El Dorado, Kansas                                                                   * Saturday
Phone: 1-316-322 4158                                                             8:30 am to 2:30 pm