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Work on Street Sales Tax Projects Starting August 3, 2020

On Monday, August 3rd, Contractor APAC-Kansas will begin work on the approved 2020 Street Sales Tax improvement projects. Projects approved include the L.A. Knebler Addition, Lakewood Estates Addition, Augusta Industrial Park, North State Street (from Shirley to Sunflower), and North Dearborn Street (from 12th Street to 14th Street).

APAC-Kansas will begin with improvements to the L.A. Knebler Addition on August 3rd. Residents will receive a notice from the contractor before work begins with more details on the timeline of the project and where access may be limited at certain times.

While the Knebler Addition project is being completed, the entrance to Taylor Avenue off Ohio Street will be closed (pictured below). Those needing to enter Taylor Avenue from Ohio Street or vice versa will need to either enter from Flanigan Drive off David or through Stone Lake Drive via Country Hills Drive.

Knebler Addition Map