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City Selects Skate Park Designer/Builder

At the end of the year in 2019, the Park Advisory Board (PAB) reviewed proposals from skate park designers who responded to a Request for Proposals advertised at the end of the year in 2019.  The PAB was impressed with Spohn Ranch Skateparks' community engagement plan and the process they laid out for working with the community and potential skate park users to design the best possible facility within the alloted budget.

The City of Augusta has earmarked $75,000 of the Pride & Progress initiative funding for construction of a new skate park.  However, the lofty goal is to double this amount of funding through grants and private donations.  Spohn Ranch will help the community engage on the project, decide on the best site location, generate interest and excitement, and ultimately design a facility that meets the needs of our skating community.

Once the engagement and design process is complete and we are successful in our grant applications and private fundraising, we will move forward with construction.

City staff are negotiating the terms of a scope of services agreement with Spohn Ranch to present to the City Council for approval at an upcoming meeting in February.  Stay tuned and follow the city's website and Facebook pages for new developments on this project and watch for community meeting dates and fundraising opportunities.