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Street Sales Tax Committee Recommended Projects - 2020

In 2017, the city implemented a new funding strategy for street improvements utilizing short-term bond financing.  Based on this strategy, the city will identify larger street improvement packages on a three (3) year rotation.  The debt service payments will be made utilizing street sales tax proceeds.  The next 3-yr package is scheduled to bid in 2020.  In October, street sales committee members began meeting to discuss potential projects for the 2020 package.  The committee started their review with a broad list of projects spread across the community.  In their subsequent meeting, the committee narrowed down the list based on available funding (est. $1.4 million) and requested the city engineer to prepare cost estimates

At their most recent meeting, the committee finalized their recommendations as shown below to be presented to the City Council at the December 2, 2019 Council meeting.  The committee voted 4-1 in favor of the following package (the lone dissenting vote in favor of moving the Dearborn and State St. alternates ahead of the Industrial Park alternate).

2020 Street Sales Tax Recommended Bid Package:

Base Bid:
Knebler Addition
Lakewood Estates

Bid Alternates:

A) Industrial Park
B) N. State Street
C) Dearborn

Additional Street Improvement Notes: In addition to the projects listed for the 2020 package, the city will be reconstructing and performing maintenance on Ohio Street between Belmont and north city limits.  Street crews also have a micro surfacing demonstration project for Money/Lulu between 7th Ave. and Kelly Ave.

Click here to view past Street Sales Tax Project Maps:
1990 - 2005
2020 Street Sales Tax Project Recommendations