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>9.9 HP Augusta City Lake Boat Permits Available

On September 3, 2019, the Augusta City Council approved  Ordinance No. 2155 and Resolution No. 2019-15 to have the City undergo a one year trail of removing the >9.9 horsepower restriction for motor boats on Augusta City Lake.  All other restrictions, including the speed limit of 5 mph, will remain in place.

Augusta City Lake permits for boats with a greater than 9.9 horsepower motor are now available for purchase at the Augusta Public Safety Department.  These permits are available to City of Augusta residents only and are limited to 25 on a first come, first serve basis for a fee of $100.

Please bring the state registration for your boat and proof of Augusta residency (such as a driver’s license or utility bill) as well as the fee payment to the Augusta Public Safety Building at 2100 Ohio Street.

Following the one year trail of the restriction being removed, the City Council will reevaluate the issue and gather additional public input before making a more permanent decision.