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Bridge Overpass Work Ahead

On July 15, 2019 Wildcat Construction will begin road repair work on the railroad overpass. The current plan is to allow through traffic in the north lane for eastbound traffic and the north lane for westbound traffic, but traffic width will be restricted to 11’ 6” for this first phase of the project. This project it expected to take 100 working days.

Crews will be doing work to the underside of the bridge as well as the driving surface.  For the driving surface KDoT has elected to use a poly ester concrete epoxy resin in hopes that it will perform better than the Silica fume concrete that is currently being used. However, only the south bridge will receive a complete new driving surface. The north bridge will only be patched. For the underside of the bridge, crews will be sandblasting, painting, adding support, replacing and repairing drains.

All questions or concerts regarding this project should be routed to KDoT Area Construction office at (316) 320 7598.