2022 Budget - Revenue Neutral Rate Public Hearings

On September 20, 2021 the City of Augusta will be conducting public hearings to take feedback on the 2022 Budget and the City planning to exceed the Revenue Neutral Rate.  The proposed 2022 Budget includes an increase of 1.857 mills compared the final mill levy for 2021.

The mill levy published in the public hearing notice is based upon the estimated valuation that is provided by Butler County.  The valuation number and mill levy will be adjusted by the County after all pending property tax exemptions have been resolved, and become final in November 2021.

The amount of property taxes to be levied for 2022 totals $3,776,570, representing a proposed mill levy of 57.639 mills. Our Revenue Neutral Rate calculated by Butler County is 53.727 mills. The proposed mil levy is a 1.952 increase from the 2021 Budget mill levy of 55.687 and an increase of 1.857 mills compared to the 2021 Actual mill levy.  This proposed mill levy is based on the direction provided by the governing body during the budget work sessions.

The Council may choose to lower the proposed expenditures but the expenses cannot exceed the amount published in the Public Hearing Notice.