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Childers Steps Down as Mayor

Augusta, Kansas, April 2018 – City of Augusta Mayor Matt Childers has resigned effective April 16, 2018.

“Last week my youngest daughter and I were walking to Garfield Elementary Fun Night when we saw a good friend sitting on his porch,” Childers started his letter of resignation. “We stopped by for a brief visit and through the course of the conversation, our friend asked my daughter if she was glad I was Mayor. She responded immediately, ‘No. I’m happy about all the things that are happing in town, but it takes up a lot of his time.’ It was strikingly similar to a conversation we had with another friend in Walmart a couple weeks prior.”

Childers’ resignation letter explains that the time investment coupled with recent health concerns “have given me pause and the opportunity to reflect on the last nine years of public service.”

Childers has served as Mayor since 2014, initially filling the unexpired term of previous Mayor Kristey Williams. Childers also served as City Council Member representing Ward 1 from 2009 to 2014.

Mike Rawlings will fill the unexpired Mayoral term until after the November 2019 election; the newly-elected mayor will take the oath of office in January 2020. Rawlings has served as City Council Member representing Ward 3 since 2000.

Rawlings’ unexpired City Council term will be filled by appointment at the May 7 City Council meeting.