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Municipal Code of Ordinances

Disclaimer: The City of Augusta is pleased to present public web-access to the Augusta Municipal Code (AMC). Access to the AMC is for reference purposes only. The user expressly agrees that the use of the City's website for access to the AMC is at the user’s own risk. The Augusta City Clerk has the official version of the AMC. Users should contact the Clerk for reference to the official version and for reference to ordinances passed subsequent to the AMC cited herein.

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Chapter I: Administration
Chapter II: Animal Control and Regulation
Chapter III: Beverages
Chapter IV: Buildings and Construction
Chapter V: Business Regulations
Chapter VI: Elections
Chapter VII: Department of Public Safety
Chapter VIII: Health and Welfare
Chapter IX: Municipal Court
Chapter X: Reserved
Chapter XI: Public Offenses
Chapter XII: Public Property
Chapter XIII: Streets and Sidewalks
Chapter XIV: Traffic
Chapter XV: Utilities
Chapter XVI: Zoning and Planning
Appendix A: Charter Ordinances