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Flood Response Center

Weather Forecast May 25th

***Flood Response Update - 12:00 p.m., May 25th***

City crews are mobilizing to install stop-logs at the Highland structure now. Loomisland residents can still exit through Garvin Park at this time. Walnut River is holding steady at 28.27 feet, but El Dorado Reservoir continues to reach record depths each day and steadily releasing water into the Walnut River which might prolong the length of the current crest. Whitewater River is currently sitting around 26 feet and is still slowly rising. Kelly stop log structure and railroad single track structure at south end of town are all closed and Highland will be closed soon. If you aren't familiar with the levee system structures, follow the link below to learn more. Weather forecasters are projecting another 2" of rain this afternoon and tonight.

Road Closures Around Augusta - (11:00 a.m. update)

  • SW 70th between Ohio and Santa Fe Lake Rd
  • NW 30th from Butler Rd to River Valley Rd
  • Thunder Rd from 150th to the city of Augusta