Elmwood Cemetery

Elmwood Cemetery has served as the final resting place for thousands of Augustans since the 1800s. The 34-acre cemetery includes a mausoleum, memorial garden, Veteran's Memorial, and two avenues of flags.

Visiting Elmwood CemeteryEnter the old section from Ohio Street and the new section from 12th Avenue. Elmwood Cemetery is open to the public from dawn to dusk.

Decorating GravesElmwood Cemetery is full of memories and decorations. Please decorate your loved one’s grave with:

  • fresh cut flowers on the monument, foundation or grass at anytime,
  • artificial flowers on the monument, foundation or grass November 1 to March 1,
  • artificial flowers on the monument, foundation or grass three days prior to and 10 days following Memorial Day,
  • artificial flowers, decorations, and adornments on the monument, foundation, or in an approved permanent floral display container at anytime, and
  • official medallions and flag holders within two inches of the monument foundation at anytime.

Headstone saddles and approved shepherd’s hooks provide a safe way to secure decorations. Approved shepherd’s hooks can be purchased at Elmwood Cemetery for $10.00.

Cemetery staff provide lawn care for more than 5,000 monuments and 13,000 grave spaces across 34 acres. Staff maintain a comforting and safe environment by:

  • removing wilted flowers,
  • removing artificial flowers from the grass during the mowing season (March 1 to November 1),
  • removing artificial flowers that are broken or faded,
  • attending to graves left unattended for 30 days,
  • removing glass objects and wooden markers, and
  • removing unapproved structural objects and landscaping materials like stones, rock, bricks, coping, and fences (except certain grandfathered objects in the old section).

Read more about decorating regulations in the Elmwood Cemetery informational brochure. City Code, Chapter 12, Article 5 (Ordinance No. 2108) outlines all Elmwood Cemetery regulations. The ordinance was updated in December 2016 after lengthy review by the City Council's appointed Cemetery Regulations Review Committee.

Memorializing Your Loved OnesWalkway bricks, trees, shrubs, and benches can be purchased to memorialize love ones. Contact the Cemetery Sexton for more information.