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Meet Your ICMA-RC Retirement Plans Specialist!  

Alvin C. Floyd II (, is your ICMA-RC Retirement Plans Specialist and is motivated every day to help you succeed in building a path to financial wellness. Your Retirement Plans Specialist provides public sector retirement plan participants with on-site services, including enrollment, investment education, retirement readiness education, and individual educational meetings.

Please contact your Retirement Plans Specialist at 202-636-6804, if you need assistance with:

  • Plan enrollment questions
  • Rollovers into your ICMA-RC account
  • Investment strategy, account management, and how much to save
  • Pre-retirement checkup
Log in to your ICMA-RC account at or contact ICMA-RC's Investor Services at (800) 669-7400, if you need assistance with:

  • Account log in or website resources
  • Investment changes (allocations and transfers between funds)
  • Changes to contribution amounts (or contact your employer)
  • Withdrawals, loans, or distributions
  • Forms and brochure requests
  • Balance and quarterly statement inquiries
  • Account maintenance and transactions
  • Address, name, and beneficiary changes

We are glad to serve you and help you build retirement security.

Contact ICMA-RC

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Plan Specialist
tel: (202) 636-6804

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