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Utility Office

Step 1: Apply for Service

Fill out the appropriate application form for utility service.

Residential - Application for Service
Commercial (Business/Realtor) - Application for Service

Step 2: Bring ID

Bring your completed application, a current photo ID, and payment for utility connection fees to the Utility Office at 111 E. 6th. Renters should also bring a copy of renter's agreement.

Step 3: Payment Options

Online Payment Instructions*
Call 1-800-272-9829 or click link to pay by credit card. Select "Local Payments" and enter Jurisdiction Code 6523. A processing fee may apply.

Emailed Utility Bill & Notices

Reduce the amount of mail you receive and help the City save on postage and paper costs.  Fill out the form at the City Utility office to receive your City of Augusta utility bill and notices by email.  You also have the option to sign up for automatic bill payment directly from your bank account by filling out the information on the bottom portion of this form.  You will still receive a copy of your bill, but the bill amount will automatically be deducted from your bank account on the bill's due date.  Both of these services are free of charge.

Struggling to Pay your Utility Bill?

Assistance may be available:


City Clerk /
Finance Director
111 E. 6th
Augusta, KS 67010
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tel: (316) 775-4510
fax: (316) 775-4566

Pay Utilities Online

Online Utility Bill Pay Icon
Select "Local Payments" and enter Jurisdiction Code 6523