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API Members

API Role First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
President Dalton Patterson Retired Investor (316)-640-5110
Vice President Angie Johnston Family 1st Living (316)-775-1080
Board Member Connie Thurman Downtown Augusta Inc. (316)-775-4585
General Member Dave Bisagno Emprise Bank (316)-775-4909
General Member Eric Grooms Community National Bank (316)-775-6068
Board Member Mike Todd Todd and Giannetti EyeCare (316)-775-6341
Ex-Officio Josh Shaw City Manager (316)-775-4510
Ex-Officio Cody Sims Asst. City Manager (316)-775-4510
Board Member Troy Palmer Global Parts Aero (316)-733-9240
Board Member Kevin Unrein The Point Events Center (316)-494-7210