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Project Background

The desire for a skatepark in Augusta goes back several decades.  The most recent ask for a skatepark came in 2015 when the Park Advisory Board met with skatepark enthusiasts requesting that a new facility be constructed.  In 2018, the City Council earmarked $75,000 from the Pride & Progress Sales Tax initiative to be utilized for the design and construction of a skate park in Augusta.  On February 18, 2020 the City Council approved a design-build agreement with Spohn Ranch, Inc. to develop a new facility in Augusta.  Just prior to the first public engagement meeting in March 2020, the project was put on hold in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  As of 2021, the City of Augusta and Spohn Ranch are now actively engaged in moving the project closer to construction.

Follow the City's Skatepark Project Facebook page to keep up with project updates and opportunities for community engagement. 

Please also consider joining the Augusta Skatepark Fund Facebook Group, which has updates and information about the community fundraising effort for the skatepark project led by local skateboarding enthusiasts. They also have an Instagram account.  You can purchase shirts, stickers, and other merchandise to help support the project here, or consider giving to the group's GoFundMe.

Update: City Council to Consider Project Agreement with State for Construction of Skatepark

The Park Advisory Board recently met in December 2022 to amend their recommendation regarding the skatepark location.  While it will remain in Bill Reed Park adjacent to Lincoln Elementary, they have recommended that the footprint be moved to the area along State Street as opposed to the corner of Sunflower and Cron.  This recommendation was made to avoid any special construction requirements over the top of the gas pipeline easement that runs diagonally across the property.  City Council approved this recommendation at the January 3, 2023 meeting.  The City then received a Project Agreement from the State of Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (LWCF Program) for construction of the Skatepark.  The Agreement will be considered at an upcoming City Council meeting.  If approved, the City can begin planning construction for the summer of 2023.

Update: City Staff Submit Grant Application to LWCF Program

City Staff completed and submitted an application to the Land and Water Conservation Fund grant program in mid-September. We have requested grant funding of a little over $100,000. Staff is currently waiting on word from the state and federal government on whether or not our application was approved. Staff's ability to begin construction of the skatepark in 2022 depends on receiving sufficient grant funding. If the City does not receive this funding, the project will be delayed while staff searches pursues other funding opportunities.

Update: Augusta City Council Approves Park Advisory Board's Recommendations for Skatepark Project and Authorize City Staff to Submit Application to LWCF Grant Program

At their meeting on September 7, 2021, the Augusta City Council approved the recommendations made by the Park Advisory Board at their September 2, 2021 meeting regarding the footprint and design of the skatepark project (see previous update below).  The City Council also committed to closing the gap between the community fundraising total and their goal of $25,000 when it came time to construct the project. This made it possible for the City to prove they had a $100,000 match available for their application to the Land and Water Conservation Fund grant program.  Finally, they approved Resolution No. 2021-14 in support of the City of Augusta’s application to the LWCF Program.

Update: Augusta Park Advisory Board Approves Proceeding with Preliminary Design Option #2

At their meeting on September 2, 2021, the Augusta Park Advisory Board reviewed the feedback gathered by staff at the August 31 Community Skatepark Design Workshop and made a recommendation to City Council that the project proceed with the footprint recommended by the City's consultant and with preliminary design option #2 (with a small modification to the center obstacle recommended by the workshop attendees - design illustration to be modified by the consultant at a later date).

Update: City Holds Community Skatepark Design Workshop

On August 31, 2021, the City hosted a Community Skatepark Design Workshop  at Lincoln Elementary (directly adjacent to project location Bill Reed Park). This workshop was facilitated by Vince Onel, the City's skatepark design-build consultant. Attendees were asked to give feedback on the two preliminary design options as well as any other general questions or input they had about the skatepark project. This workshop was attended by about 20 members of the Augusta community.  The attendees reached a consensus of preferring preliminary design option 2 with a modification to the center obstacle. They also discussed a other topics related to the skatepark including a possible seating area, park signage, and the projected lifespan of the park.

Update: Preliminary Design Concepts Completed 

The City's consultant at Spohn Ranch Inc. has completed two preliminary design options for the skatepark project, which the Park Advisory Board will review at their meeting on Wednesday, August 11 at 6 PM.  These designs will be presented to the community at an upcoming community engagement to be scheduled soon. Get more information and see all the renderings here.

Augusta-KS Render 1.1Augusta-KS Render 2.1

Skatepark Project Location Approved

On April 19, 2021, the City Council voted to approve the Park Advisory Board's recommendation to set the location of the skatepark at Bill Reed Park/Moyle Field near the State Street and Sunflower intersection.  The Park Advisory Board's unanimous recommendation was based on feedback from the community location survey, site analysis performed by Spohn Ranch, and discussion about the challenges and opportunities presented by each site option.

The next phase of the project will be the creation of a project blueprint and design.  The City will organize community engagement opportunities as part of this phase, so residents and potential park users should be on the lookout for opportunities to share their ideas and feedback.  The final size and look of the park will also depend on the total funding available. The City has allocated $75,000 to the project already but is looking to potentially double that budget through grants and fundraising.

If you are interested in helping the City scale up the project, please be on the lookout for opportunities to contribute to the City's grant applications. The City will be looking for individuals and organizations to write letters of support and testimonials and help craft a compelling narrative for the project based on history, community, and need. The City will communicate information about these opportunities through the above mentioned Facebook Page and email list.

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