Professional Consultants and Officials

The City of Augusta appoints various public officials to perform specific municipal functions.  Per city ordinance, the City Manager is responsible for appointing a city attorney and municipal judge.  The city also employs the various other professional consultants for engineering and financial advice.
SEQ No Position First Name Last Name Company Email Phone
2.00 City Engineer Chuck May Schwab Eaton, P.A. (316)-722-4472
3.00 City Prosecutor Justen Phelps Gibson Watson Marino LLC (316)-264-7321
4.00 Municipal Court Judge James Murfin Independent (316)-322-3557
6.00 Financial Advisor Dustin Avey Piper Sandler (913)-345-3375
7.00 Bond Counsel Kevin Cowan Gilmore & Bell, P.C. (316)-303-3109
8.00 City Attorney Andrew Marino Gibson Watson Marino LLC (316)-264-7321